About Us!

Welcome to the finest camping in the north country!
The campsite is owned and opperated by the Town Of Waverly.Theres a History Museum which is located on the left before the gate house,with many  historical displays and artifacts inside.
A Nature trail along the river once you cross the footbridge thats a very scenic,peaceful walk to enjoy.

We allow pets as long as they are kept on a leash or in a carrying cage.

To Contact Us, call (518)856-9820

Some of The Cabins
Reservations are $65-$80.00 per night,depending on the cabin size.Rates may also be subject to change.
All cabins have a bathroom with showers and a toilet.

Beacause of ongoing renovations of our cabins,the descriptions may change.We are always workinn on improvements at our campsite.
-There is a 2 day minimum stay on weekends.
Cabins may be reserved by prepayment of one half the fee in advance.Not Refundable.
All persons entering the campground area must check in with administration personnel.
Rv's are also welcome,$25.00 per night or $750.00 per season without sewer,$950.00 with sewer.
sites c1-c7,includes power and water.c8-c25,lower camping and tenting area,includes power,water and sewer.

Tenting area-$10 per night,$250 per month.

There is a charge of $150.00 to leave your RV over the winter months.
For Emergencies at the campsites,plase contact 911 or the Town Supervisor,Michael Bailey.(518)856-9398